Welcome Back

Welcome back. I hope you had a good holiday and are refreshed and ready to get on with the work. We’ve got a lotto get through so I thought I’d start by giving you a quick overview of what you are expected to be doing as the course progresses.

It shouldn’t be any surprise to you that you are expected to spend a lot of time reading. Make that a LOT of time reading. As well as the course texts – Sunset Song and Romeo & Juliet – you are expected to spend time reading a quality newspaper such as The Independent, Scotland on Sunday, The Scotsman, The Times, The Herald, The Daily Telegraph, etc.. This is not because we are on commission for making you buy these papers (we’re not!), it is because
these are the papers that provide the majority of the passages for Close Reading assessments (both internal and final exam). If you are not in the habit of reading these papers, then you will almost certainly find the language and style of the writing intimidating when you come to attempt the assessments.

If you don’t know the style of writing, I’d recommend you look at some of the back issues that are held in the school library. I’ll be going over an analysis sheet that you can use for focus when reading them, and I’m investigating the possibilities of some form of online discussion of news items later in the year.

If you want, you can also access a lot of newspapers on the internet. Try clicking on the following for starters:



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