Wanna iTunes gift voucher?

Anyone feeling arty? I’d like some eyecandy for the wiki (and this blog) and in order to encourage you best artistic endevours, I’m offering an iTunes gift voucher (or HWV or Virgin voucher if you prefer) for the design I adopt…

The closing date is the end of term (just before the Xmas holiday) and I’ll take submissions electronically, and would prefer TIFF or PNG format… but will accept anything except BMP files (even I have some standards)!

The ideal size is 800 x 200 pixels @ 72dpi, and you can go here for some ideas of what is possible.
Don’t feel constrained by the size… feel free to come up with a big bit of eyecandy… I’ll select strips from it as necessary… and please ensure that it is your own work! I’ll be really annoyed if you steal someone elses artwork and I end up being done by the copyright people!

Any questions, get in touch…


Leonardo da Winton!


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