Sunset Song – Ploughing

By now, you should have finished reading ‘Ploughing’ at the very least.

We’ve started looking at the questions from the SQA Unit and the expectation is that you will have completed Questions 1-5 on ‘Ploughing’ for Monday. Feel free to post any thoughts as comments below.

In case you’ve misplaced you question sheet for any reason, I’ve reproduced the questions below…


1  Where is Chris Guthrie at the opening of this section? 

    Why has she gone there?

    What makes her recall her life at Echt?

2  What impression do we gain of Chris’s parents before their marriage?
    How does their relationship develop after their marriage?

3  For what different reasons is John Guthrie angered by his wife when she refers to Jehovah (p.29) [p.33] and by his son, Will, when he uses the term (p.30) [p.34]? 

    What does this tell us about John Guthrie?

    Why do you think the author has chosen to use the word “Jehovah” and not “God”?

4  How does Chris feel about her life on the farm and the people she meets on the farm? (pp.32, 45–46, 47–48) [pp.35–36, 49, 51]

5 What aspects of reading and schooling does Chris enjoy and why does she enjoy them? (pp.32–33, 43–44) [pp.35–36, 46–47]

    What aspects does she dislike?

6 What does Chris begin to realise about her life and its events, and about people, in the course of this section? (pp.46, 58–59, 60–61) [pp. 49–50, 62, 64]

7 In what way is Chris influenced by her mother? (pp.31, 43, 60–61) [pp.35, 47, 64]

8 How would you describe Chris’s relationship with Will, her brother?

9 Who or what, in your opinion, has the greatest influence on Chris during this period of her life? (Be prepared to justify your opinion)

10 What overall impression do we obtain of Chris in this section?
     How is the title of the section related to Chris?


(Remember, round brackets refer to the Cannongate edition which most of you have)


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