Prelude: Who? What? Where?

Hopefully you have all finished your reading of the Prelude to Sunset Song and have completed the grid to say who lives on which farm. I though I’d be nice and put you out of your misery by posting some thoughts… with the usual proviso that these are NOT definitive! Feel free to add your own observations in the comments.


The Mains Ellison m. Ella White Irish; manager – ex-servant of Kinraddie; “fair gentry”; tarred; Tory.
Peesie’s Knapp

Chae Strachan m. Kirsty Strachan; 3 children

“wandering billy”; socialist and sceptic; well-liked; handyman; trapped into marriage.

Blawearie Guthries due to arrive. Poor, infertile land.
Cuddieston Munro and wife Ugly, argumentative pair, she midwife; 2 asylum children; Andy the “daftie”; Tony – pretence.
Netherhill Old Sinclairs and Sarah. Hard-working; still loving; spinster daughter.
The Mill Long Rob/Rob of the Mill Atheist ironic humorist bachelor; hard-worker but often pointless jobs.
Upperhill “upprums” Gordon & wife. Nellie and Maggie Jean; John – seducer. Small but vain; wife a snob – vain attempt to speak English; foreman called Ewan Tavendale – proud Highlander, hard-worker, good farmer.
Pooty’s Knapp Old Pooty Stammerer, “but-n-ben”, unwashed.
Bridge End Alec Mutch, wife & 5 Hard-worker~ she is described as a “slummock” – smokes!


As I say… these are some thoughts to get you a good grounding in the people who live in Kinraddie. You are encouraged to add your own ideas in the comments below.

As a final thought for just now, think about why Gibbon has given so much detail. He does so so that when the Guthries arrive in Kinraddie, they are arriving in a ‘real’ place filled with real people. We have a real sense of continuity through the ages and of the notion that the land itself is ready waiting for Chris and her family to arrive.


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