Marrakech Essay

‘Strewth… that’s been a busy week. I can’t believe it’s a week since I posted anything for you. I’m hoping to have WordPress access in school within the next week, and that’ll speed everything up…

In the meantime, a wee reminder of what’s due…

  • I’m after a draft of your Marrakech essay on Monday 20th June. As long as I receive them on Monday, you will get them back on Tuesday with a view to having a redraft/final version ready for Friday 24th.
  • Your reflective writing is due to be handed in on Tuesday 21st. No rest for the wicked! Again, as long as I get it then, you’ll get it back on Wednesday… and we’ll aim for a Friday redraft!

I really do appreciate that we’re piling the work on at the moment, but it’ll help us make sure you are in the right class and sitting the right level when we add this information to your results in August!

As ever, please try to warn me in advance if you can’t make a deadline (and thanks to the 2 people who did so on Friday!)…

And finally… here’s a wee present for you, a copy of the Marrakech Essay Planning Sheet with colour bits… 😉

Marrakech Essay Plan



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