Weekly Round Up 01

Wow! That was a quick week… yet the summer break feels like a long, long time ago…

Welcome to the first weekly round up. This week we’ve only really had a few teaching periods as the classes have started to sort themselves out and we’ve tried to get brains back into gear… however, I have passed quite a bit of info on so here’s the recap.

Our number one text for the first part of the course will be Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. You can get all the details HERE.

We’re looking at Iain Crichton Smith’s poetry at first, and later we’ll look at Philip Larkin. We started by looking at Two Girls Singing and At the Firth of Lorne. You can get them here: ICS

On Friday, I asked you to summarize a passage from a website. You can find the original HERE, or down load my version with this link: The Windows App Store

As ever, you are encouraged to post questions and thoughts here using the comments. I’ll have marked the work you handed in for Monday, and then we can really start to get busy! 😉


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