Week 2 Planning

W/C 22-08-11

I’m just planning what we’ll be doing next week. Feel free to chip in with ideas and suggestions using the comments.


I’m going to be looking at CCTV and Civil Liberties with a view to thinking about a Discursive Essay (SQA Guidance) on the topic. There will be obvious overtones of the recent events in the news, so hopefully, you already have some thoughts on the subject. 😉

I’m sourcing materials at the moment, so if you want to get ahead of the game, here are the sites I’m looking at and will most likely be using (not in their entirety, but I’ll be cutting and pasting bits):

Obviously, I will not be using all of these in class, but there is enough reading there to get you up to speed with the topic. In addition, if you find better, more comprehensive articles/sites, please post a link in the comments to this post.

The intention is to pull out what we think are the main points being made about CCTV and Civil Liberties, before constructing an argument that reflects our individual personal opinions on the topic. This will mean lots of reading and identifying points (as per the Windows8/Apple article from last Friday), then finding supporting evidence to uphold a valid point-of-view. Simples! 😉


Creative Writing Exercise

You will be creating a piece of writing using the following outline (so feel free to make a start now).

You are visiting an elderly couple you have known for a long time. The wife is very old and frail so her husband has to help her to eat. As you watch this, you begin to consider whether this is a) what God planned for us, and b) whether euthanasia may be a better option. As the husband finishes feeding her, you notice just how old she looks before realising that this is the fate that awaits all of us who live so long.

I will be looking for you to include some effective description, and to be as imaginative as you can with your language and style. If you have done RMPS, you may have some thoughts you can bring to your writing, similarly, if you have studied Human Biology (or even Medicine), there may be knowledge you can use to improve your writing. Personal experience may also play a role in your final writing where relevant.


I’m intending looking in depth at another of Iain Crichton Smith’s poems. I have the worksheets ready, so you will be splitting your time between some collaborative working looking at the main themes and ideas, and individual questions and responses to the poem. All going well, you should be in a position to attempt a Critical Essay on the poem over the weekend.


Summing up and finishing off! I’m going to give Friday over to you so you have a chance to catch up on anything you have missed or still to complete. There will also be an open Question and Answer session for you to ask for any help or advice you wish!


Discursive Essay planned and set for completion by Tuesday.

Creative Writing started in class (Wednesday).

Critical Essay on Iain Crichton Smith poem will be set as homework on Thursday with a view to completing over the weekend.


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