Week 3 Planning

W/C 29-08-11

Oops… forgot to post this yesterday!

This week we are concentrating on Reading Skills (not just Close Reading!) 😉


We’ll be looking at some examples from the 2005 Close Reading Passage. In particular, I want to look at how the answers are marked so that we can target our own answers to show evidence of good reading skills. Always remember… this is not about teaching you how to ‘pass the test’… this is about developing your ability to be a critical reader.

Being a critical reader doesn’t mean saying “This is rubbish” (wrong sort of critical), it means being able to look at how the writer has manipulated language for effect. There are countless ways(1)a writer can do this, and our task is to be comfortable enough at recognising these techniques and being able to identify them and say how and why they have been used.

We’ll be looking at some of the clue words in the questions, and then I’ll be giving you some passages and asking you to devise your own questions to try out on the rest of the class.


I’m going to return your Discursive Essays and we’ll be looking at ways of improving them by looking at alternative openings. There are also a couple of nifty little ‘gimmicks’ I’ll point you at that can make a massive difference to your writing. Get ready for some hard work! srsly 😉


Richard Brautigan short story: Corporal or World War 1 Los Angeles Airplane.  Or a completely different one… but it will be by Brautigan. Feel free to track them down and read them in advance.


Timed Critical Essay on the Brautigan story. I’ll post the question on Thursday if you want to take your notes and try it in advance.



(1) Ok, so they can be counted, but it’s such a large number of ways, they might as well be countless!


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