I hope you enjoyed the Brautigan story. I love that — despite its brevity — it has lots of depth and this allows us to talk about it at length.

Here is a new version of my slides from class… in my haste to get out of school at 5, I forgot to email the originals home. The essay tasks are on the last slide, and I’ve added a few notes that you may wish to think about.

Remember, you can have the text with you for tomorrow’s essay. it is a test of your ability to construct an argument more than a test of your ability to remember!



6 thoughts on “Brautigan

  1. @Connor: If you click the link to ‘View on Slideshare’ you’ll get the option to download the originals. They’re uploaded as pdf files for maximum compatibility.

    @Craig: Yes… you can have a copy of the text with you. It is a test of your ability to write well… the memory bit comes later in the course.

    And gents, thanks for commenting! 😉

  2. Feel free to bin mine… First proper critical essay since before I was away!

    Although I must say, reading ‘Corporal’ just reminded me so much of the transition between ‘Born to Run’ and ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’.

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