W/C 12-09-11

Hi class.

No idea why I didn’t get anything up on the blog last week… though getting the SG appeals sorted did have a lot to do with it! I’ll try to post a recap over the weekend, but for now, I’m giving you some warning of what we’ll be working on next week.


We will be concentrating on the ideas contained in this article from Edutopia magazine.

The New Face of Learning by Will Richardson (an excellent and thought provoking blogger!) outlines some reasons why what happens in schools is not necessarily always the right or relevant way to do things. You can download the article as a PDF by clicking this link: The New Face of Learning 

There is plenty of food for thought in the article, and I hope it will give you ideas for topics for your discursive writing. If you have time over the weekend, I highly recommend you read it and as ever, invite you to post thoughts as comments on this post.

We’ll spend Monday reading the article and discussing some of the main ideas it contains using some discussion points I’ll provide you with in class. Then, on…


….we’ll be analysing the writing style and how convincing the argument is. If the topic interests you, you will probably enjoy: Why Do I Need A Teacher When I’ve Got Google? by Ian Gilbert. You can read the first few pages for free on Google Books, and I have a copy if you want to borrow it. Again, there is a sea change happening in education, and you should be aware of it. (PS: Gilbert’s book has the benefit of being quite funny at times…)


Remember your HOMEWORK! I’ve asked you to find out what you can about The Iolaire (with a bonus for finding out about the Wee Frees!). No clues here, but feel free to post questions and/or thoughts in the comments. Who knows, I may even respond to them! 😉


We’ll be carrying on from Wednesday’s lesson. I have lots of resources for you to study and analyse and generally play with… (and I do mean play!)


Back to earth with a bump with a timed essay. Soz…

So… that’s next week. Please ask questions/make comments/throw out ideas in the comments. 😉


8 thoughts on “W/C 12-09-11

  1. Love the week outline. Always looking for ‘close reading’ so I know when to make my next Dental appointment for 😉

    “why what happens in schools is not necessarily always the right or relevant way to do things” – very poignant.

    If I get the CCTV essay typed up and handed into you on Monday, would that be okay?


  2. That’ll be fine… or don’t forget you can use dropitto.me to submit the finished essay. I can take any format except M$ Works documents… OK, I admit it I can convert Works documents, but it’s a major pain and I’d rather not! 😉

  3. Cool, thanks. And no chance I will be using M$! OSX all the way!

    I’ve looked at the blog, and have read the post about the CCTV essay, but am not too sure as to what the essay topic should be (other than CCTV, ha!).

  4. It was a fairly open topic about CCTV and Privacy. In essence, you were invited to read the materials I pointed you at, and then write a discursive essay on the topic that reflected your own point of view. I was aiming for a combination of fairly free angle within a fairly proscribed topic… if that makes sense.

  5. Okay, thanks! I have looked at the various materials which were included in your previous blog post. Got a lot of ideas flying about, so I will pick one of them and write about it in the way you have just described.


    • Hi Lewis.
      Sorry for delay! Yes. Received and looked at. How do I get it back to you?

      Also, for ease, you are welcome to submit things electronically in future. Will make life much easier all round! 😉

      Mr W

  6. Hi Mr. W,

    I just wanted to say to you (I meant to say this today, but totally forgot) that during the weekend I posted a very short piece onto my blog, which (for some reason) became massively popular, being posted onto Facebook pages (Springsteen fan ones) and even a Springsteen site. I wanted to say thank you to you, as it was your advice – to keep things concise (like The Boss!) – which lead to me having the most hits on my page which I have ever had, but which way more importantly, allowed for me to connect with a much wider audience.

    Please do check out the post if you want to, and have time. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Thanks so much again,


    PS: The post isn’t even 250 words long.

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