ICS Handouts

The Wreck of The Iolaire

As promised, here are the ICS Handouts from class. I’ll keep them up here as long as possible 😉

I’ve converted them into several different formats, so hopefully there will be at least one you can use!

I’m also about to record The Ioliare for uploading… might be a good time to dig out some earplugs!

ICSLandscape = M$ Word .doc file

ICSLandscape = PDF version…

But that’s not all. You can find them in even more formats on this page: https://higherenglish.wikispaces.com/ICS

I’ve now recorded the poem. Please feel free to download and listen as often as you like… (probably once! 😉 … mind you, it might be a handy way of revising it!)

The Iolaire

If you want to download the audio, you’ll need to get it from this page.


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