5H4 – Essay Preparation

Just a reminder that the essay task is:

Poetry is often written as a result of reflecting on an intense emotional experience or on a significant event.

Examine the techniques used by one poet to convey the significance of an experience or event which gave rise to a poem or sequence of poems.

You may wish to think about how you organise your notes. The following is from the SQA Critical Essay Paper (II) and suggests possible information for including in your essays. If you can say something relevant about most of these ‘headings’ you should well on your way to writing a really good essay.

Answers to questions on poetry should address relevantly the central concern(s)/theme(s) of the text(s) and be supported by reference to appropriate poetic techniques such as: imagery, verse form, structure, mood, tone, sound, rhythm, rhyme, characterisation, contrast, setting,symbolism, word choice . .

You should take the opportunity to try working up more notes on the poem using these as headings. For example, what can you say about the imagery used in the poem, and how does this relate to the THEMES of the poem…

I’ve also found a couple of interesting links if you wish to find out more about The Iolaire tragedy. This one has a very spooky final paragraph, and reminds me a little of the poem: http://heritage.scotsman.com/disasterstrikes/The-Iolaire-disaster-where-200.2597697.jp

This one is more specific: http://www.scotsatwar.org.uk/AZ/iolaire.htm

And here’s another picture.

Please feel free to chip ideas in as comments. Thanks! 😉

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3 thoughts on “5H4 – Essay Preparation

  1. I’m looking to get everyone to attempt it as a ‘timed essay’ (ie: 45 minutes) on Friday this week. That said, I have no problem with people trying a draft in advance. As long as it’s before Thursday, I’ll point out what is good and/or bad about it! 😉

    I think this is something like you do in History?

  2. Sounds good! Thanks 🙂

    Yes it is quite like what we sometimes do in History… It really depends, sometimes we do our essays at home to hand in, or in class with the 45 minute deadline. (Or as you suggested, we get set a date for a timed essay, but can draft essays in advance to get a ‘head start’).

    I saw an interesting set of videos on Friday, and whilst they aren’t at all relevant to this, I thought you might appreciate them if you should wish to look at them. The first video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-QA2rkpBSY

    (Why aren’t we learning about this at school? Since it is so much more relevant than, say, Algebra for example (which pupils seem to “learn” about for years!)). I guess it goes back to what we were talking about in class last week…

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