Little Brother A Go Go!

Great news everyone! I’ve invented a machine that makes you hear my voice in your head!

…Oh, okay. That gag only works if you watch Futurama… though why you wouldn’t I don’t know!

Anyway, the real reason I’m writing is because the rest of the Little Brother books have arrived so we can make a start soon. If you’re one of those who took an early copy, you’ll need to bring it in on Thursday so we can make a wee start on the reading of it. 😉

More details tomorrow.


One thought on “Little Brother A Go Go!

  1. Hi Mr. W

    I have a copy of the book ordered which hasn’t arrived yet, may I please make notes on the copy you gave me today, and in when the book I purchased arrived, I will give that to you? (If you see what I mean)


    P.S I take it you are still happy for cakes etc in class tomorrow? Got to celebrate The Boss’ Birthday! 😉 (Maybe we could even squeeze in a song in too! Haha)

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