Important Dates

Thanks to the people who pointed out the mistake(s)! Please note, the Folio is due in 2012, NOT 2102. I appreciate that bringing the deadline forward by 90 years might prove difficult for some, but I don’t make the rules! 😉

Intermediate and Higher English – Dates for Your Diary

As you know, there are a number of really important milestones that you will need to pass on your journey to the final exam. For your information, we have prepared the following list to help you.

Please make a note of these dates and use them to help plan your study and revision time. You are strongly advised to write them in your planner, or set them as alarms on your phone or computer. In addition, individual teachers may need to move some of these dates to accommodate a particular class. If this is the case, you will be informed of the revised date(s). (Let’s hope we don’t get as much snow as last year!)

Week Commencing Task
Sept 26th 2011 TARGET SETTING: Individual interviews
Oct 31st 2011 CLOSE READING: Assessment after practice
Nov 7th 2011 NAB: Close Reading *
Nov 14th 2011 WRITING: Free choice – redrafted for folio
Nov 28th 2011 CRITICAL ESSAY: Genre 2
Dec 12th 2011 TARGET SETTING: Level of presentation reviewed
Jan 16th 2012 TEST PRACTICE: Close Reading – Controlled conditions
Jan 23rd 2012 TEST PRACTICE: Critical Essay – Controlled conditions
Jan 30th 2012 TARGET SETTING: Level of presentation confirmed
Feb 2nd 2012 TEXTUAL ANALYSIS: Assessment after practice
Feb 13th 2012 NAB: Textual Analysis *
Feb 20th 2012 PRELIMS BEGIN: Higher, Int 2, Int 1
Mar 5th 2012 NAB Resit: Close Reading *
Mar 12th 2012 WRITING FOLIO: Review and redraft for submission
Mar 26th 2012 NAB Resit: Textual analysis *
April 2nd 2012 FOLIO: Final deadline – 2 pieces: Creative + Discursive
May 7th 2012 EXAM LEAVE: Exam Immersion day

It is essential that you maintain the fast pace of work required to give you the best preparation for English at a senior level. Should you fall behind in your homework or classwork, we will intervene to see how we can best support you.

It is important to recognise that, if the evidence suggests that you are unlikely to be prepared for presentation, you will be invited to discuss your progress with your teacher and/or Mr Winton. If this has to happen, we will contact your parent/carer in order to keep them informed of our concerns.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are prepared for all your classes and assessments. This means completing all assigned work at the times set. Do not underestimate the importance of reading for Higher English. You are strongly advised to read the texts your teachers are working on at least 2 times, and even then, you may still feel unsure of them.

We are running a study support group every Wednesday after school, and there will be more extra help available in the run up to your exams.

If you have any questions about any of this, do not hesitate to speak to your teacher in the first instance. If he or she is unable to help you are welcome to come and speak to Mr Winton (PT English).

Mr Winton – Sept 2011

* Please note that you will normally only be allowed one resit for a NAB. Should you be absent on the day of a NAB, you must bring in a Doctor’s line to cover this absence, otherwise we will be unable to accommodate a 2nd resit.

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