October Workshop 12/10/11

Hello class and other visitors!

I’m just putting together the materials for tomorrow’s Critical Essay Workshop(s) so will share a few things with you here.

We will be using the library for both sessions, and you will need to sign in. I’ve prepared a register for you to use.

(This is for fire safety reasons!)

The texts I have prepared are short and easily accessible. This is because the main focus will be on how we use information effectively in an essay. There is a short story, a poem, and a very short play (that started life as a story… I’ve adapted it into a ‘Drama’).

You can download them by clicking this link: Workshop Texts or by clicking on this picture =>

You do NOT have to read them in advance unless you want to. Our interest here is how to prepare, plan and produce a Critical Essay for class and/or the final exam. As such, we will be concentrating on the PROCESS rather than on specific content.

Outline of the Day

The rough outline for the session follows:

  • Choosing a Task
  • Planning what to leave out
  • Leaving the introduction until the end
  • How to P.E.E. properly
  • Cleaning up after yourself

For each of these stages, I will be throwing out LOTS of hints and tips, so be ready to make plenty of notes and be prepared to ask LOTS of questions.

In addition, you can use this blog to ask about anything you think of later. Don’t be afraid to ask… as sure as eggs is eggs, if you want clarity, someone else will too!

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


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