Need To Know!

Don’t forget that if you use to pass on your work, you need to include an email address in your document so I can return the marked/commented version! For those who have already uploaded work, can I ask you to upload another version that includes your email address! (Use the footer to include it if you know how to… If not, you’ll soon find help online to show you!)



3 thoughts on “Need To Know!

  1. Hey Mr. W!

    Thanks for the afternoon tuition session earlier this week. It really helped!

    I just wondered if you could advise me on something – I was in the 3 store today in Perth and have been offered what seems to be a good deal for the new iPhone. Thing is, a friend of mine says that 3 isn’t too reliable (not that he uses 3). Do you know if this is the case or not? I figured you could help me more than anyone else I know!


  2. We’ve stopped using 3 because coverage in Scone is atrocious. That said, it depends where you are likely to be using it most.

    Don’t know if that helps 😉 Best bet is to see if you can find someone who does have 3 and see what they think.

  3. Thanks. I think I will go into O2 and see what they are offering. The 3 deal is good though, 5000 texts, 3000 minutes, absolutely “all you can eat” unlimited internet, and for £35 per month (with £279 up front for the 64GB iPhone)… I wonder if O2 can match that. Hmm.

    Regarding English, I’ll have my essays to you before Friday (God willing!). Hope this is okay.


    P.S Was on my 2nd trip to Stirling today to see the Uni, loved it as much as before! (English sounds great too… Like you said – NO exams! Woo)

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