No fancy pics at the moment as I’m on my way to a summit on ICT in Scottish Education… as a result, I’m texting this from my iPhone! Be warned… I have fat fingers so mistakes may creep in!

Is Little Brother Relevant?

For your first task this week, I want you to have a look at the news and consider how relevant the text is. As a clue, you might like to consider this Twitter hashtag: #OWS

There is, of course, a secondary part to this as you’ll need to find out what and how hashtags work (if you don’t already know).

Please post your thoughts as comments, and you get extra bonus points for using the HTML code for
Embedding links. (You can actually use quite a few HTML commands in the comments… I’ll leave you to experiment!)
PS: FWIW, knowing some basic HTML is a really useful Literacy skill nowadays, highly recommended as a holiday ‘fun’ project!

Enjoy, and I’ll post a new thinking prompt tomorrow… Right, I’m away to see if we can open up the networks in schools so we can ALL start learning smarter! EduScotICT Feel free to follow on the live video link!


One thought on “Relevance

  1. The #OWS hashtag refers to the Occupy Wall Street movement in America (and that has been spreading around the world). There is lots of really interesting peripheral news about police tactics in attempting to contain the protesters, and claims of excessive force on the part of the Police.

    There are plenty of sites online with their own interpretation of what #OWS means, and you will find plenty who disagree with what the protesters are doing just as you will also find plenty that agree with what they are doing.

    On reasonable starting point is this article from Monthly Review.

    I’d love to see if you see any link between the news and Little Brother! 😉 (Hint! Hint!)

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