W1: Argument, Persuasive, Report

A quick(ish) update for you on the task I’ve set for the long weekend…

CC image from xkcd.com - Used with permission.

I need you to have a topic and some initial research for your OWN CHOICE W1 Essay. You do have pretty much free reign on the topic you choose, but remember what I have said in class about topics that you would be advised to steer clear of (like the Death Penalty and Legalising Drugs). This is not because these are topics that don’t deserve to be discussed… but it is because bitter experience has shown that these are topics that are done particularly poorly. [There is also the whole ‘Why are you writing about it… it is not something you have any personal experience of’ line of thought involved as well.]

Good topics abound… and you can and should use the Resource sites given to you by Mrs Cooke in the LRC. Turning up on Monday with a) no topic, and b) no initial thoughts and research will NOT go down well. Jus’ sayin’!

I’ll post some more hints and tips for you later. But in the meantime, get busy!

PS: you will need Little Brother from Tuesday onwards next week. Worksheets have been produced, answers will be written, busy you will be! <=Dodgy syntax alert!

Mr W


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