Little Brother Is Coming Closer

This is just a quick interim post to make you aware of an article I picked up from Twitter. Philip Henscher’s ‘Opinion’ piece from today is called: The state wants to know what you’re up to. But why do we let it?

It is chilling in its own right, but I thought you’d pick up on the resonances it has with Little Brother. As a bit of a bonus, it’s also a good example of a piece of argumentative writing… in other words, a good model for you to study to improve your own writing!


2 thoughts on “Little Brother Is Coming Closer

  1. Also worth giving a look at V for Vendetta which has many of the same points raised in little brother, just 30 years previous!

  2. Hi Lewis,

    I’ve been giving serious thought to some of the points you have asked me about. I’ve also been doing some research, hence the delay in replying.

    You may be interested to know that a degree in Journalism is not necessarily the most important qualification for becoming a journalist. It’s a handy shortcut to finding out the ins-and-outs of the legal side of the job, and also contractual things, but if you think about it, the reason a journalist gets a job is because he or she can write…

    So… what’s the best way to show you can write? Is it to go to College/Uni, study for however many years and then try and hit the jobs market… or is it to have a body of work that you can send a link to?

    I am, of course, referring to blogs and the like. One of the most effective ways to make a ‘name’ for yourself would be to start up a blog and keep writing about things you are passionate about. Include links. Do your research. Be provocative. Be balanced. Play with words. Find your voice…

    In short, create a portfolio of pieces that show the range of your interests and your ability to write well. Post regularly (remember, journalists need to work to deadlines!) and post often. Discuss topics from the news, from sport, from music… whatever you are interested in… and develop your own authority.

    As a final thought on this just now… I have heard from a very reliable source (who works for one of the biggest newspapers in the world) that some newspapers are not asking for a CV or application form any more, they are asking for a URL. Everything they want to know about your skill as a writer they can learn from a blog… It’s worth thinking about! 😉

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