Sometimes It’s Meant To Be Fun…

Thanks for the list of topics for your discursive essays. There are some really interesting ideas in there, and I’ll speak to each of you tomorrow to give pointers and/or advice.

So… why did we look at those film trailers today? Well, if you were paying attention, you’ll have realised that in order to gain an audience’s attention, the trailer has to hint at the main themes and ideas of the film. There is also, quite often, some indication of the characters… there may be some dialogue… there may even be enough information to highlight the genre of the film…

You aren’t daft, so you’ve probably already worked out that, by making a quick trailer for Little Brother, you are going to have to show some understanding of plot/character/theme/setting/etc/etc/etc… It need not be particularly flash… I am looking for a clear sense of the main points of the story and the main characters… and you’d be foolish not to bring out the main themes of the novel… but it’s going to be up to you.

FWIW, here’s a very quick (and not particularly good) trailer I threw together using Animoto:

Now… you will need to plan yours out, think of suitable images, think of what video you might use, identify key scenes from the novel that might look good in a trailer if filmed… in short, approach this seriously, but with a sense of fun!

There is NO shortage of resources you can tap into to put this together… and you DON’T NEED TO ACTUALLY MAKE A FILM/TRAILER… but you DO need to PLAN a trailer… ideally with a STORYBOARD! 😉 So, no pressure, then.

Now… this will take you a couple of weeks, so, the deadline for the grand premiere of your work will be Thursday 22nd December. Will we have a red carpet? Celebrities? Should we invite the press? Or do we just persuade everyone to bring in some sweets and fizzy pop?

And finally… if you don’t already ‘get’ Mark Kermode, you need to check him out. Clever, funny, always honest, he is (for my money) the best film critic around at the moment. You need to start listening to the Kermode and Mayo film reviews from 5Live every Friday (available to download from iTunes). They WILL improve your English, and ability to sound intelligent when you tak about a film… or philosophy… or skiffle. Here’s a sample… this is what happened when Mark Kermode was asked to review Sex and the City 2 (seriously, keep watching… after about 6 minutes or so, he starts to really get into his stride!):

Comments through the usual channels! 😉


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