Literal vs Metaphorical

I thought you’d appreciate  link to the clip I used in class today… and then I realised, you’d probably really appreciate the slides as well, so…

And the video is here:

As ever, thoughts welcome in the comments.

BTW: I’m not kidding that there are loads of possible creative writing ideas that could be generated from the Guardian advert. Feel free to develop one (or two or three…) and pass them to me!


3 thoughts on “Literal vs Metaphorical

  1. Hi Mr. Winton,

    The writers/publishers of “The Light In Darkness”, one of the most successful books about Bruce Springsteen, have contacted me asking me to write for them. Right now they just want me to write a review of their site but following this they have an “assignment” for me. As you can imagine, I am really excited but also very nervous! Would you be willing to give me pointers when the assignment is given to me?

    This is my chance to get somewhere with my writing and I really need to make it count!



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