SQA Links

Just a quick update to remind you about the SQA ‘Understanding Standards’ site that I have been using. If you visit the SQA page for Higher English (http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/38944.html) you can find the link to the Understanding Standards sub-site at the bottom of the page. (Direct Link: http://www.understandingstandards.org.uk/)

You are actually better following the link on the SQA Higher English page as this will take you directly to the English part of the site.

Have a click round, and you should find some Close Reading exemplars and also some Critical Essay exemplars complete with marker’s comments. These are invaluable resources for you and highly recommended (as I have been saying in class and in the after school study support sessions… Wednesday, 3:30ish till 4:30ish… come along!)

As ever, use the comments for questions and clarification! Enjoy… 😉

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