Analysis / Evaluation Slides

Here are the slidedecks I’ve been using this week – links at bottom of the post. As I said, they are adapted from the excellent resources produced by Mr Jewel on the West Coast of Scotland! (Will add link when I get to a real computer!)

Feel free to ask for further clarification of any points you didn’t ‘get’ first time round, and I’d really appreciate any feedback and ideas you may have for improving how we learn about these in class. J

The book that some of them refer to is Higher English: Language Skills ( For my money, this is one of the most useful ‘study guides’ to get… but it’s only worthwhile if you actually open it and read it well in advance of the final exam! (Hint! Hint!)

Finally (for now)… I’ll be marking the Close Reading we did in class over the weekend. Because of a potential timing clash, I shall be online again on Sunday from 1pm to 3pm rather than 2-4. As always, I’ll put up a post to let you ask questions using the comments.

close reading evaluation.ppt

Close Reading – Analysis – Higher.ppt

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