I’m All Ears!

 Sadly, despite some great play by Scotland, the Welsh won.  It’s tough being a Scotland supporter at times! Anyway, I’ll be watching the blog for the next couple of hours if you have any questions for me.




5 thoughts on “I’m All Ears!

  1. Two things, one English related, one not so much.

    Whilst I don’t anticipate this to be a scenario I feel it is always good to have contingencies, so I was wondering – if I got seriously stuck in an exam situation, could I use Springsteen’s work in the poetry section? Just a thought!

    Also I was wondering if you’d please be able to write me a personal reference? Currently looking for work and would really appreciate it if you could. Thanks!

  2. Hi Connor…
    Always a danger using something like Springsteen (or any other song writer for that matter) as ‘poetry’. After all, they are not written as poems… though they may indeed be poetic.

    I’ll speak to you about this in more depth in class tomorrow!

    With regards the reference, happy to oblige.

    Thanks asking! (on both counts!)

  3. Thanks for the reply!

    I understand about Springsteen/poetry. Just thought I would ask. But yes, speak about it in class later!

    Thanks so much for the reference… I need to get the cash to actually afford the travel to my concerts, ha!

    (I know it is 02:05 but The Boss just performed at the Grammys. I could not miss that!)

    See you in 8 hours 😉

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