Higher English

So… you want to pass Higher English, do you? Well, it won’t be easy you know… it’s a big… let me say that again… it’s a BIG step up from Standard Grade… but lots of people manage it every year, so I’m sure you can too… yes, even the spotty one at the back… you too could pass Higher English…

OK, so it’s not easy to pass, but what can you do to make it easier? Well let me use an analogy to illustrate…

If you want to improve your skills at rugby or knitting or cooking you need to get out there and throw a ball around, or knit and perl, or sift and seive… in other words… you don’t improve by thinking about doing it, you become more competent by DOING it…

This means that you will be expected to do a lot of reading this year. In fact, that is sch an important thing to remember that I’m going to say it again… you will be expected to do a lot of reading this year!

If you go to the SQA website (www.sqa.org.uk) and look at the Arrangements document for English, you will quickly find that the Exam Board recommend reading a quality newspaper regularly as this is one of the most valuable exercises you can do to improve your English…

Anyway… I’ve got lessons to prepare, and you’ve got reading to do! Enjoy the course, and keep reading!


Mr W


13 thoughts on “Higher English

  1. Hey, I Tried Leaving You A Comment About This On Bebo But It Never Worked? Lol..

    Anyway Was Just Wondering If You Still Had The URL For That Sacramento Bee Article From Last Year? Im Doing Something Along The Lines Of That Story For My College Course And It Would Come In Handy..


  2. Mr.Winton you incorrectly spelled ‘throw’
    Just a quick verification comment, do graphic novels count as ‘reading material’ (I’m talking things like Alan Moore and Frank Millar and even Grant Morrison)

    • Hi Lewis,
      They do count in my book. 😉
      I’m taking it you’re thinking of Sandman, and V for Vendetta style rather than Superman.

      If so, you should check out (if you haven’t already), Maus and Persepolis for starters. Really good literature that just happens to have pictures.

      Mr W

  3. Really good literature that happens to inspire terrible films!
    Yeah im a huge Alan Moore fan so this is good news!
    Also any tips on area’s to specifically practice on for the final exams? (bar the obvious spelling, punctuation, quotation…ect)

  4. and on a personal note I would just like to add these blogs are a godsend to people with poor attendance ‘throw’ (;)) no fault of their own such as myself!
    so thanks very much!

  5. Little Brother
    12 L
    Plot plan: $SYS$ is invisible to the operation system and TOR made me the invisible man.

    Literacy language: $SYS$

    Character developed point: he is smart because he knows he would be invisible to the computers networks.

    By Cameron smith and Emily Adams
    sorry i couldnt work out any other way of getting it to you

  6. English questions paragraph 3

    Question 1 how did the writer use digging in this sentence and why is it suitable?
    She was digging in her purse and I knew what she was digging for.
    Answer; she’s digging in her purse because it was a deep purse and also because she was trying to dig down the stairs because they were also long and thick with people.

    Question 3 why did the writer use word choice strained in this sentence?
    i strained around against the crowd and saw.
    If you think about if you think about a rope when it is tight stretch to the full: to strain a rope. It is very hard to move if it’s tight therefore it is very hard to turn around and that’s why he used strained.

    Question 3 why does the writer use dashes throughout paragraph 3 in the first 2 pages and give examples of this.
    Better here- the enclosed space. Me-he was big enough
    He uses dashes because he is adding extra information to the sentence. Or make clearer what he has already said.

    By Cameron smith

  7. Little Brother – 3 close reading questions – Rebecca Donaldson

    Qu1 – Show three examples of the intensity of the crowd in the BART when subjected to a life threatening experience.
    An – “the press from behind was relentless as a bulldozer”, “it was a mob scene”, “face crushed up against someone’s back”, “huge brawl of people”, “crowds pressure was too strong”, “ there was screaming everywhere”, “voices around us echoing back in a roar”, “claustrophobia”, “cramming down the stairs”.

    Qu2 – Why does lines 15 – 16 relate to the theme of personal privacy?
    “”Screw you!”… hands off of me!””
    An – because the man is invading Vanessa’s personal space by touching her, even though this is different to the idea of being followed by government surveillance it is still personal privacy

    Qu3 – Why is a dash (-) used in first line of paragraph three?
    An – To add extra information about Darryl that may be important to create an image of the scene

  8. Mr W, i have no idea how to work this website but i am giving it a go.
    I was wondering if i could do ‘Euthanasia’ as a creative piece rather than discursive piece?
    Amie Turver

    • Absolutely! Lots of potential for you to investigate the topic using an imaginary story to give your views… and there are plenty of other stories out there that have used fiction to ‘discuss’ some topic associated with human nature.
      Go for it! Think about the situation you want to set up, the characters you will need to drive the story forward… and then start plotting it out.

      And bonus points for breaking your blog ‘duck’! I expect to see many more comments from you in the future… 😉

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